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An idea of Freedom from “The Snow Leapard”

This is closer to my own idea of freedom, the possibility and prospect of “free life,” traveling light, without clinging or despising, in calm acceptance of everything that comes; free because without defenses, free not in an adolescent way, with no restraints, but in the sense of the Tibetan Buddhist’s “crazy wisdom,” of Camus’s “leap into the … [Read More...]


Lone Fisherman

Sitting out on my hammock on the island of Koh Phangang in southern Thailand, I look out and see a single fishing boat on the horizon. I lean over and … [Read More...]


Island Palms

Palms from across the Haad Yuan Bay. While sitting in Bamboo Hut restaurant I couldn't help but see the beauty in these Palms that paint the natural canvas of the jungle hillside. They're tall and full of life as if they're … [Read More...]


My little Thai beach bungalow

This little gem was a gift from somewhere in the universe. I sat down at the restaurant next door, ordered some food and then went out to the ocean for a swim while I wait. As I'm floating and enjoying the cool ocean breeze … [Read More...]


Seven Months of Sunshine

Seven Months of Sunshine I was asked last night “how did you get here?” She asked me just before we said goodnight. Quickly she continued, “Were you at a point of being so unhappy?” No, actually I was happier than I had … [Read More...]

27 years of low creativity

27 Years of low creativity

Note to myself 27 Years of low creativity “If I’m not creative now, what else am I going to do?” “Creativity is infinite” I’ve always said I was not creative…. But now I realize that it’s only a limitation I … [Read More...]

Luna Sandals (1)

Gear: Luna Trail Sandals (After 7 months)

Just before I left Seattle I purchased the Luna Trail Sandals; as they seemed perfect for the kind of lifestyle I would soon be leading. I was currently running in a pair of La Sportivas that I swore fit me like a glove and … [Read More...]

That Roads and Trails_ (1)

Embracing Fear: Anticipating a visa run

Three weeks ago… Embracing Fear: It happened again. Anticipating the Future I’ve known for a few weeks now that I would need to go and do a visa run (leave Thailand, enter another country, and return to Thailand) … [Read More...]